At first we were rewarded with a perfect start into the season – the dry and warm months May, June and July led to an extraordinary flowering period. Luckily, a much-needed rain period just followed right afterwards and the grapes were able to further ripe and increase the yield. In late summertime and early autumn, the warm temperatures and the blue sky came back. This gave the perfect conditions to begin our harvest on the 19th of September, the second earliest start of harvest in our history. Our team hand-picked the grapes intensely for five weeks whilst a ripeness time within harvest guaranteed us highest qualities up to the Long Goldcap.  
The harvest itself was extremely intense as the early and simultaneous ripening of the estate such as the vineyard wines challenged our whole manpower. Unlike any other year before, an extreme focus and experience when it comes to harvesting the grapes at the right time was needed to create the ideal conditions for an intense selection process.
Whilst some wines are already fermented, especially the Grosse Gewächse are still taking their important time in the cellar. To put in a nutshell a varied and ideal climate brought us outstanding qualities with high extracts. The first impressions of the wines already show the complexity, balance and liveliness of the vintage 2023.